About our company

Industria LTD – based on Szekszárd - was founded in 1991, as an international transportation and forwarding micro enterprise. The company is a start-up in Western Europe, the Eastern European contexts was also covered by our vehicles. Such as Belarus Russia, and the Baltic states. As a result, highly experienced and good relationship in the direction of the eastern regions as well till now.  The company has started with five pieces 24 ton semi-trailers in 1991 the international transports is mainly into France, Germany, Benelux countries. These directs still very popular routes for nowdays. Since 2006 the company has 6 pieces of special COIL Mulden trailers. And using these trailers we can transport different types of iron-, steel-, and aluminium coin in a very safely way, however it can be use as a simple tank truck as well.

The company in the last 21 years has sought to fulfill their partners' needs, fast, flexible and long-term ability, to meet the ever-renewable and fleet-quality and facilities.  To ensure that our clients get the better we can serve you, our partner, together with the Euro-HOLGES Customshouse, complex logistics services, resolutions we can provide.

Founders have been reached their’s main goal: satisfied customers, and the knowledge that the clients are sure that the best way to deliver is to use our company.

We hope you will soon get to know as our new partners and You can can experience the whole series of a safe, fast and flexible Industria Ltd.